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Keisha A. Rivers Shorty is a strategist, consultant, speaker and author. She wears two hats--as the founder and managing consultant of The KARS Group, LTD, which specializes in providing personal and professional strategic development services to small businesses, organizations and individuals--and also as the founder and Executive Director of The KARS Institute for Learning & Collaboration, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide training, resources and support to nonprofits, community organizations, churches, schools and small businesses. Ms. Rivers Shorty is a grant writer, adjunct instructor, former foundation executive director, educator and administrator. She is a motivational and inspirational speaker and published author. Her latest book, "Be The Creator of Your Success-NOT A Victim of Your Circumstances" forms the basis for her newly-launched "Released & Ready!" tour which helps participants fuel their passion, align with their purpose and build their legacy.

Be The Creator of Your Success--NOT A Victim of Your Circumstances

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Note 2 Self Vol. 1 (Electronic Version)

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